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Vita Glow Skin Whitening Night Cream




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Vita Glow Cream helps in clear skin with SPF curves wrinkles, spots without any harm and dark circles. This product is perfect for normal, oily and dry skin. 


       Vita Glow Skin Whitening Night Cream

Vita Glow Skin Whitening Night cream is the proper skin whitening catalyst made with natural skin whitening agents used as ingredients. Vita Glow cream is thoroughly effective for all skin types. Peak results of the product vita glow night cream are observed in a week or less when applied before sleeping at night. To preserve and balance the pH levels in your body, the vita glow whitening cream emphasizes the ingredients which promote well-being regarding human health. For example, the formulation process involved the mixture of ionized water and citric acid with Vitamin A and other micronutrients like B, B3, and E. 

Read further for awareness about various Vita Glow Night cream ingredients and constituents, along with customer reviews, benefits, and side effects. One may also verify the genuine product via a code labeled on the product box. 

With Vita Glow Night Cream, skin complexion or countenance features do not matter, the product works its essence on all skin types from dark to dusky brown and as a subsequent result provides more whitened and pink skin. The ingredients above mentioned do not put their sole emphasis on pigmentation but severely remove any harmful skin flaws which otherwise may lead to the aging of cells and the formation of wrinkles. By eliminating age spots, wrinkles, acne, and freckles whilst performing its main function, the vita glow whitening cream concludes its effect in an enhanced glowing skin which stands out in contrast with its former self. Vita Glow whitening cream also contains glutathione which is a great skin health-enhancing agent, along with natural wax, kojic acid, and various natural oils. Glutathione is a naturally occurring organic compound that acts as an inhibitor to melanin production in our skin, melanin is responding to skin deterioration and dark pigmentation of the skin. By deteriorating the process itself; of melanin production, glutathione promotes skin health and overall body health the result of which generations a luminous skin effect. The cream works thoroughly on the 3 skin layers, epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. 


1. Thoroughly enhances skin tone.

By eliminating various inhabitants either naturally occurring or produced by chemical exposure to hostile environments; vita glow whitening cream thoroughly enhances our skin tone.

2. Cleanses and whitens skin.

By eliminating the mass production of skin hostile pigments and inhibiting the production of such pigmentation inducers as melanin; vita glow whitening cream cleanses and whitens our skin.

3. Provides extended protection from sunlight exposure.

The vita glow whitening cream penetrates the epidermis and extends within to the hypodermis; by applying the vita glow whitening cream on your skin an extended layer is introduced over the person’s skin which thereby provides extra security and protection from harmful sun rays, hence, extends skin’s sunlight bearing duration.

4. Gives apparent results in one week.

The vita glow whitening cream works its essence quickly and does not take a long time to make its results appear on one's skin. The vita glow whitening cream makes its results apparent within one week.

5. Eliminates skin pigmentation and inhibits melanin production. 

Vita glow whitening cream inhibits the production of melanin, melanin is responsible for the production of skin pigmentation, and excessive production of melanin products makes a person's skin darker. By inhibiting the production of melanin, the vita glow whitening cream therefore eventually inhibits the mass set in of skin pigmentation. 

6. Removes past skin scarring.

The vita glow whitening cream activates the otherwise dead cells near the scarred spots on a person’s skin and refills any visible cavities formed by scarring thereby removing the signs of past scars and wrinkles et cetera.

7. Eliminates wrinkles and inhibits future wrinkle formation.

By smoothing the skin, the vita glow whitening cream gives a person's skin a luminous and glowing effect which makes a person's skin youthful effect. By smoothening skin, wrinkles, and scars with acne et cetera are eliminated leaving no spots of their decline on the skin. 

8. Removes skin darkening under the eyes. 

The vita glow whitening cream also removes the dark patches under a person’s eyes. The whitening element promotes skin health by removing any signs of pigmentation or skin deterioration.


1. Glutathione.

2. Vitamin C.

3. Kojic Acid. 

4. Arbutin 

5. Avocado

6. Mulberry extract

7. Wheat Germ Oil

8. Jojoba oil

9. Beeswax


Glutathione is a naturally occurring organic compound present in the human body, an element necessary to uphold healthy anatomy. Its emphasis on the skin extends also to the elimination of skin-damaging factors or factors subsequently emerged from the skin-damaging initial factors like wrinkles and acne etc. 

Vitamin C:

Vitamin is also one of the naturally present antioxidants which protect human skin from UV radiation which may harm skin due to high exposure. Vitamin C also prevents mass melanin production and suppresses the natural effects of hyperpigmentation thereby enhancing skin quality. 

Kojic Acid: 

Kojic acid merely gives exposure to sunlight or UV damage which results in the lightening of darker spots and more radiant skin.


The function of arbutin is like that of Vitamin C that is; inhibiting melanin production and eliminating wrinkles and acne.


Avocados are useful in removing dead skin cells and getting rid of pores. By applying them to one's skin one can observe enhanced nourishment.

Mulberry extract

Mulberry is also one of the skin-enhancing catalysts which promote skin health by gradually and surely eliminating dark spots. It is a naturally occurring property of mulberry extract which is friendly to human skin. Mulberry contains a high level of Vitamins A, C, and E which further retard the pigmentation process. 

Wheat germ Oil: 

Wheat germ oil acts as an inhibitor in acne and pimple formation by sealing excess moisture in the skin and removing oil production. 

Jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil is highly effective for acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Jojoba oil has natural healing properties and can be used as a moisturizer or cleanser. 


Beeswax attracts water and forms an additional protective layer on the skin. Beeswax keeps the skin hydrated. Prescribed or otherwise regular use until the full treatment of beeswax also gets rid of dead skin cells and revives/generates new ones in their place. 

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