Relumins Gluta Spray 3000 Oral Glutathione Formula
  • Relumins Gluta Spray 3000 Oral Glutathione Formula
  • Relumins Gluta Spray 3000 Oral Glutathione Formula

Relumins Gluta Spray 3000 Oral Glutathione Formula





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Introducing a revolutionary product from Relumins Labs, the premier supplier of the finest Glutathione products available on the market today, the first ever, high-dosage Glutathione vial approved by the United States FDA, Relumins Glutathione Vials - New Formula 3000mg in Peppermint Flavor. 


Relumins Gluta Spray 3000 Oral Glutathione Formula

Elevate Your Skin Health with Relumins: Introducing the groundbreaking Relumins Glutathione Spray Vials - New Formula 3000mg, a leap forward in skin whitening and wellness technology. Engineered by Relumins Labs, a leading name in skincare innovations, this peppermint-flavored oral spray is designed to enhance your beauty regimen effortlessly.

Why Choose Relumins Gluta Spray?:

Optimum Strength for Maximum Results: Experience the highest dosage with the first high-dose oral Gluta spray, ensuring superior absorption and effectiveness.
Enhanced with Vital Nutrients: Fortified with Vitamin C and Zinc to support improved immunity and respiratory health, paving the way for a holistic approach to beauty.
Effortless and Efficient: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of IV treatments with an easy-to-use spray, ideal for dynamic lifestyles.

Key Ingredients Of Relumins Gluta Spray 3000 Oral Glutathione Formula :

Glutathione: Master antioxidant that lightens the skin, fights free radicals, and supports liver function for an overall health boost.
Vitamin C: Amplifies the skin-lightening effects while serving as a potent antioxidant for younger-looking skin.
Zinc: Contributes to stronger immune system functions and has positive effects on cellular health.

Benefits Of Relumins Gluta Spray 3000 Oral Glutathione Formula :

Skin Brightening: Achieve a brighter, more even skin tone through consistent use.
Health Boosting: Enjoy the added advantages of enhanced immune support.
Convenience: Easy-to-apply spray format allows for a perfect on-the-go skin regimen.

How to Incorporate Relumins Gluta Spray into Your Daily Routine:

Transform your skin and health with just a few sprays a day. The Relumins Gluta Spray 3000mg allows for seamless integration into your daily life, ensuring that you never have to compromise on your beauty or wellness regimen.

Step into the Light with Relumins: Embrace the future of skin care with Relumins Gluta Spray 3000mg. Experience the difference with a product designed for those who demand the best in beauty and health.


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A : Beyond skin whitening, the formula supports immune function and respiratory health, thanks to its enrichment with Vitamin C and Zinc.

A : While individual results vary, consistent use as directed can lead to visible skin improvements within a few weeks.

A : While designed for general use, pregnant or nursing individuals should consult a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement.

A : For optimal outcomes, spray six pumps at intervals throughout the day, holding the liquid in your mouth for 3-5 minutes before swallowing.

A : Relumins stands out due to its high potency, oral absorption efficiency, and the convenience of its spray format, making it a unique addition to skin care routines.

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