NC24 280000mg Ultra PDRN Miracle White
  • NC24 280000mg Ultra PDRN Miracle White

NC24 280000mg Ultra PDRN Miracle White



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NC24 280000mg Ultra PDRN Miracle Whitening Injection :

NC24 280000mg Ultra PDRN Miracle Whitening Injection, a premium innovation from Japan that's transforming skincare regimes globally. This unparalleled skin whitening treatment is crafted for those who aspire to achieve a radiant, evenly-toned, and blemish-free complexion, leveraging potent and high-quality ingredients to ensure visible, transformative results.

Step into a realm where your skin reflects purity, health, and unwavering confidence. Dive into the transformative journey with NC24 Ultra PDRN 280000mg and unveil a new era of beauty and skin perfection.

Benefits Of NC24 Ultra PDRN 280000mg :

Radiant Whitening & Scar Diminishing: Discover skin that is visibly brighter and free from scars and blemishes.
Boosted Skin Elasticity: Revel in enhanced firmness and suppleness with increased collagen production.
Targeted Pigmentation Reduction: Erase stubborn dark spots and shield against sun damage.
Acne and Imperfection Control: Attain a smoother, clearer complexion with fewer acne and blemishes.
Youthful Vitality: Turn back the clock and embrace a skin that defies age.
Deep Hydration for a Dewy Glow: Maintain well-hydrated, luminous skin throughout the day.
Refined Pores for a Smooth Canvas: Enjoy a seamless, refined texture with minimized pores.

Ingredients Of NC24 280000mg Ultra PDRN Miracle White :

Ultra Concentrated Glutathione (280000mg): A master antioxidant for ultimate skin brightening and health.
PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide 700mg): A novel component famed for skin regeneration and anti-aging benefits.
Cranberry Extract & Ascorbic Acid (5500mg): Combats skin dullness and rejuvenates for clear, vibrant skin.
Thioctic Acid (2400mg): A key defender against skin damage, enhancing your skin’s natural texture.
Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF 2250mg): Promotes intrinsic healing and skin regeneration.
DNA CollaPro (1500mg) & Coenzyme Q10 (1800mg): Fortify skin elasticity and combat the signs of aging.

Embracing the NC24 Ultra PDRN Experience:

Achieve the best results with a weekly Intravenous (IV) infusion or drip, adhering strictly to your healthcare provider's advice, tailored to your unique skin needs and overall health.


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A : The treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, those allergic to vitamins, or those with cardiovascular conditions.

A : A weekly session is advisable for optimal results, depending on professional guidance and personal skin goals.

A : Typically, yes. However, discuss with your dermatologist to ensure compatibility and safety.

A : Yes, this treatment is designed for various skin types. Nonetheless, consultation with a skincare specialist is recommended before starting.

A : Results can vary; however, with consistent weekly treatments, noticeable improvements are typically seen within a few weeks.

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