Lucchini Sheep Placenta Total Power Cell
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Lucchini Sheep Placenta Total Power Cell



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Lucchini Fresh Sheep Placenta Extract Injection

Step into the realm of unparalleled skincare with Lucchini Fresh Sheep Placenta Extract Injection, globally acclaimed and chosen by leading spas and clinics. This premium formulation, boasting the highest dosage of sheep placenta extract, is your gateway to a radiant, youthful complexion and is renowned for its exceptional skin whitening properties.

Potent Ingredients for Enhanced Skin Vitality:

Each box contains 50 ampoules (2ml each), infused with:

900mg Total Power Cell Extracts: A synergistic blend of embryonic and placental extract.
Hydrolyzed Elastin & DL Alpha Tocopherol: Promote skin elasticity and fight aging signs.
280mg Antioxidant Enzyme Complex: Including vital glutathione enzymes for superior skin protection and rejuvenation.

Benefits Of Lucchini Fresh Sheep Placenta Extract Injection :

Deep Nourishment and Firming: Revitalizes and firms your skin for a supple, youthful look.
Advanced Whitening and Scar Lightening: Brightens the skin and diminishes scars for flawless beauty.
Collagen Production: Boosts collagen levels, enhancing skin's natural elasticity and firmness.
Intense Hydration: Deeply moisturizes, leaving skin smooth and radiant.
Pore and Pigmentation Reduction: Minimizes pores and reduces sun-induced pigmentation.
Powerful Anti-Aging: Smoothens wrinkles and lines, and prevents premature aging signs.

Guidelines for Optimal Skin Transformation:

Achieve your skin goals by using 1 ampule every 3 days. Adhering to this regimen ensures maximum efficacy and lasting results.

Note: Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended to tailor the treatment to your specific skin needs.


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A : Proudly made in Switzerland, ensuring top-notch quality and effectiveness.

A : Expect enhanced skin tone, reduced pigmentation, improved elasticity, and overall younger-looking skin.

A : While ideal for many, it is not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women, those allergic to vitamins, or individuals with cardiovascular conditions.

A : For best results, administer one ampule every three days, adjusting as necessary based on your skin’s response.

A : Its unique formula with high-concentration sheep placenta offers unmatched skin rejuvenation and whitening effects.

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