Lascorbine Platinum PN Collagen And Vitamin C
  • Lascorbine Platinum PN Collagen And Vitamin C

Lascorbine Platinum PN Collagen And Vitamin C



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Lascorbine Platinum PN Collagen And Vitamin C

Welcome to the forefront of skin transformation. Roche Laroscorbine Platinum PN 18000 Mg Vitamin C and Collagen Injection, a celebrated choice among top-tier clinics and beauty centers globally, offers an unparalleled anti-aging and skin whitening solution. This premium formula, renowned for its high potency and unparalleled quality, brings the ultimate blend of Vitamin C and Collagen directly to your skin's deepest layers.

Why Roche Laroscorbine Platinum Stands Out

Ultimate Brightening and Repair: Witness a visible difference in skin brightness and scar reduction.
Collagen Boost for Elasticity: Enhance your skin's firmness and bounce with our high-dose collagen.
Hydration and Smoothness: Experience continuous moisture and a noticeable softness in your skin texture.
Combat Environmental Damage: Address skin pigmentation and protect against the harsh effects of the sun.
Fine Lines and Acne Reduction: Achieve a smoother complexion and lessened acne outbreaks.
Pore Refinement and Radiance: Revel in refined pores and a glowing, even skin tone.
Defend Against Aging: Fight the visible signs of aging and maintain a youthful appearance.

How to Use Roche Laroscorbine Platinum

For optimal results, the recommended regimen is an Intravenous IV Infusion (Drip) once a week. This ensures the active ingredients are absorbed efficiently, offering you the full spectrum of benefits.

Important Usage Information

Keep the product at room temperature and shield it from direct sunlight. Note that this treatment is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have allergies to vitamins, or suffer from cardiovascular conditions.


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A : Generally well-tolerated, any side effects are rare. However, we recommend discussing any concerns with your healthcare provider.

A : Roche Laroscorbine Platinum is available at leading skin clinics and beauty centers worldwide.

A : Yes, it's designed for various skin types. However, consult your healthcare provider if you have specific concerns.

A : While individual results vary, most clients report visible improvements after just a few sessions.

A : Our exclusive blend of high-dose Vitamin C and Collagen sets this product apart as a leading skin whitening and anti-aging treatment.

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