Glutax 22000000gs Extremely Tremendous White Glutathione Injection
  • Glutax 22000000gs Extremely Tremendous White Glutathione Injection

Glutax 22000000gs Extremely Tremendous White Glutathione Injection

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Glutax 22000000gs Supreme Whitening Glutathione Injection

Introducing the pinnacle of skin whitening technology, Glutax 22000000gs Supreme Whitening Glutathione Injection, a masterpiece inspired by the flawless, porcelain-like skin of Japanese aesthetics. This revolutionary product is enriched with a groundbreaking 22 million milligrams of nano-glutathione, complemented by the exquisite sakura seed extract, a cherished secret from the land of the rising sun.

Key Components for Ultimate Skin Transformation

Nano Glutathione (22000000 mg): A potent antioxidant that dramatically lightens skin tone.
Sakura Extract (100000 mg): Illuminates and enriches the skin, providing a distinctive white-pink glow.
Grape Seed Extract (100000 mg) & Coenzyme Q10: Work synergistically to rejuvenate and protect your skin, imparting a youthful radiance.
RNA HA & ALFA LIPOIC (200000 mg): Deeply hydrates and restores skin, reducing signs of aging.
Natural Collagen & Multivitamins: Strengthen skin's elasticity and provide an array of health benefits.

Guidelines for Exquisite Radiance

Begin with a weekly injection mixed and administered via IV drip, transitioning to bi-weekly or monthly doses for maintenance. Consistent application enhances and prolongs the skin's luminous quality.

Benefits Of Glutax 22000000gs Supreme Whitening Glutathione Injection :

- Achieve a bright, soft, and luminously white complexion that captivates.
- Enhance skin moisture and elasticity, reducing the appearance of pores.
- Fade scars and balance skin tone, while reducing sun-related pigmentation.
- Smooth out facial lines and wrinkles for ageless beauty.
- Combat acne, blemishes, and unwanted dark spots, maintaining flawless clarity.

Comprehensive Composition for Radiant Skin

Selenium (50000 mg): Shields skin from environmental damage.
Acido Codico & Growth Factor: Promote skin regeneration and fight the visible signs of aging.
Packaged for Perfection: Each package contains 10 comprehensive sets, ensuring a full course of transformative skin care.

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A : This top-tier product is proudly made in Italy, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

A : Expect a dramatically brighter, more youthful skin tone, along with improved skin health and reduced signs of aging.

A : Yes, its formulation is designed to cater to various skin types, but a consultation with a healthcare professional is advised for personalized treatment.

A : Start with weekly sessions and adjust to bi-weekly or monthly as your skin transforms, under professional guidance.

A : It's the unparalleled concentration of nano-glutathione and the unique blend of ingredients like sakura extract that define its superior whitening and rejuvenating powers.

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