Glutax 2000gs ReCombined White Injections
  • Glutax 2000gs ReCombined White Injections

Glutax 2000gs ReCombined White Injections




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GLUTAX 2000gs Recombined White protects and enhances the Glutathione content of our body’s cells, tissues, body fluids, and organ systems thus leading to a rejuvenate health, fairer, radiant and flawless complexion


    Glutax 2000gs ReCombined White Injections

GLUTAX 2000gs ReCombined White shields and boosts the Glutathione material of our body's cells, cells, body liquids and body organ systems therefore causing an invigorate wellness, fairer, glowing and also perfect skin tone.

Component: -

Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione 2000G.

Acido Alfa Lipoico 700mg.

Skin Growth element 2000mg.

Acido Cogico 500mg.

Pro Coenzyme Q10 600mg.

Cinnamomum Subavenium 325mg.

Multivitaminico 3500mg.

Collagen Natural 800mg.

Selenio 600mg.

Perks & primary features:

Whiten and nurture the skin.

Make the skintight and flexible.

Lower dark places.

To enhance aging as well as additionally shield from acne.

softens the skin.

Minimize dark circles under the eyes.

Producing an adaptable skin, smooth, healthy, and balanced and glowing.

Anti-aging as well as anti-wrinkle,

Avoid acne and gets rid of discolorations.

Improving injury recovery.

Dealing with harmed skin cells.

Capacity to preserve existing collagen in the body and come to be extra flexible.

Method: intravenously (IV) or IV Drip.

One ampoule/injection weekly for 1 or 2 months (* relies on your body metabolic rate). Can decrease the dose to 1 shot every 2 weeks for.

Maintenance. A physician's recommendations are required if you desire to understand.

concerning the dose.

Not Suitable For:

Breast feeder.

Shot on ladies’ duration.

Hatred vitamin (any kind of kind).

Person with cardio issue.

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