Glutax 2000gs Advanced II Glutathione Injection
  • Glutax 2000gs Advanced II Glutathione Injection
  • Glutax 2000gs Advanced II Glutathione Injection

Glutax 2000gs Advanced II Glutathione Injection


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Glutax 2000gs Advanced II Recombined White RNA Active Cells – 

Unlock the extraordinary power of Glutax, featuring glutathione, the body's ultimate antioxidant. Each box of Glutax Advanced II Recombined White RNA Active Cells offers a complete course of ten sessions designed to illuminate your skin.

What’s Included

- 10 ampoules enriched with Multivitamin 3500mg, Natural Collagen 800mg, Selenium 600mg

- 10 ampoules packed with Recombined Stem Cell (Grape Seed, Apple, Argan Fruit, Rose Placenta Extract) 600mg

-10 ampoules featuring Pure DNA & RNA Extract 2000 mcg and Cyanocobalamine 2000mg

- 10 vials containing 2000 grams Glutathione, Epidermal Growth Factor 2000mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 700mg, and Kojic Acid 500mg

- 10 vials comprising 2000 grams Glutathione, ProCoenzyme Q10 600mg, and Cinnamomum Subavenium 325mg

Key Benefits of Glutax 2000gs Advanced II Recombined White RNA Active Cells

Experience the remarkable advantages of Glutax:

  • Complete Detoxification: Supports the optimal functioning of vital organs including the liver, kidneys, GI tract, and intestines, effectively eliminating toxins from your body.
  • Enhanced Immunity: Bolsters white blood cells, particularly T cell lymphocytes, strengthening your immune system's ability to combat infections and cancer.
  • Revitalized Skin: Achieve a luminous, youthful complexion while reducing the visible signs of aging.

Expected Results

Witness the transformation with Glutax 2000gs Advanced II:

  • 1 Box: Illuminate your skin with a radiant glow.
  • 2 Boxes: Experience noticeably brighter and lighter skin.

Please Note: Results may vary based on individual usage, absorption rates, and lifestyle choices. Consistent use is recommended for optimal outcomes.

How to Use

  1. Preparation: Combine the contents of ampoules and vials.
  2. Administration: Administer slowly through intravenous injection.

Dosage: Administer once weekly, or for accelerated results, every four days. While sterilized water is optional, it's advisable to hydrate adequately 1-2 hours prior to administration for optimal efficacy.

Please Remember: Results hinge on various factors such as product application, individual absorption rates, and lifestyle habits. For accelerated outcomes, administer injections every four days and ensure proper hydration beforehand.


A : For optimal results, it is recommended to use the injections once a week. For faster results, administer every four days.

A : Yes, you can continue using your regular skincare products. For best results, maintain a consistent skincare routine and stay hydrated.

A : Yes, Glutax 2000gs Advanced II is formulated to be safe for all skin types. However, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment.

A : Results can vary, but most users notice a radiant glow after 1 box and visibly brighter skin after 2 boxes.

A : Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies the body, supports the immune system, and enhances skin health by reducing pigmentation and promoting a brighter complexion.

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