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Gluta C Intense Whitening Day Cream



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Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream with SPF 25

India's diverse climate, with its intense sun and varying humidity, can be challenging for your skin, leading to problems such as dryness, oiliness, blemishes, and signs of aging. Combat these skin concerns effectively by starting your day with Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream. This advanced formulation not only aims to brighten your skin but also provides essential protection against daily sun exposure with SPF 25, ensuring your skin stays healthy and radiant.

Why Choose Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream?

Powerful Whitening Effect: Fortified with master antioxidants like Glutathione and Vitamin C, plus Arbutin and Natural Root Extracts, this cream works diligently to lighten dark spots and blemishes, reduce melanin production, and ensure an even, more luminous complexion.
Anti-Aging Benefits: Enriched with Vitamin B9, this cream supports skin cell renewal, minimizes wrinkles, and fortifies your skin's natural defenses against pollutants and UV damage, resulting in healthier, smoother, and younger-looking skin.
Deep Moisturization: Shea butter, along with natural oils and vitamins A and E, provides deep and lasting hydration, leaving your skin soft and nourished.
Effective Sun Protection: Incorporate this cream into your morning routine to shield your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent photoaging, thanks to its SPF 25.

Key Ingredients Of Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream :

Glutathione and Vitamin C: These powerful antioxidants work together to lighten the skin by reducing melanin production and fighting photoaging.
Arbutin and Natural Root Extracts: Help in diminishing dark spots and evening out skin tone.
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid): Encourages cell turnover and rejuvenates the skin barrier.
Shea Butter and Natural Oils: Offer exceptional hydration and soften the skin.

How to Use of Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream:

- Apply the cream every morning after cleansing your face.
- Massage gently onto the face and neck area for complete absorption.
- For best results, use regularly as part of your morning skincare regimen.

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A : Yes, it has been clinically tested by dermatologists to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

A : Yes, this cream is paraben-free, ensuring your skin receives the safest care.

A : Absolutely! It's designed for daily use to provide constant nourishment and protection.

A : While individual results may vary, users typically notice visible improvements in skin tone and texture within a few weeks of regular use.

A : Yes, it's formulated to be safe and effective for every skin type.

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